About Agency


Welcome to Morocco Montravels :

MOROCCO MON TRAVELS is a travel agency based in Marrakech. We have more than 10 years of experience organising treks to the mid and high Atlas mountains, short excursions and city tours to different regions of Morocco, We provide many different and distinguished trips such as : sightseeing tours, trekking tours, excursions and cycling tours.

Firstly, we consult and planyour adventure in the mountains and deserts of Morocco. and organise your trip.

Secondly, We organize transportation, accommodation, meals and professional guides.

The best organising treks to Morocco :

Do you have an idea of what kind of trek or experience you would like ? We will advise you on how or what is feasible.

Not everything is possible but not much is impossible ….

Our guides have international qualifications, who you live the best experiences of your life here in Morocco, Then you can choose from our many and different trips : sightseeing tours, 4 X 4, trekking tours, cycling tours, excursions or a combination of all.

What you need to know :

Depending on your experience, fitness level and skills, you can select your tours and have the choice to take them solo or with your friends.

Our mission is above all to support adventurers who know what they seek and who are also experienced trekers.

In conclusion, Morocco Montravels provide you with the infrastructure for your experience and advise you with the planning of short excursions.